Our Motto : "गुणस्तरीय, पारदर्शी एवं सेवाग्राहीमैत्री सेवा"

The Department of Passports (DoP), a Department under Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Nepal, issues passports to Nepalese citizens and Travel Documents to legally eligible persons in accordance with the Passport Act 2024, Passport Rules 2067, Passport Directives 2067, ICAO standard and other related government rules and regulations. The Department was established on 26 January 2012 (2068/10/12 B.S.). Prior to that, Passport Section under the Protocol Division of the Ministry was assigned with the passport and travel document related functions until the establishment of Central Passport Office (CPO) on 25 May 2010 (2067/02/11 B.S). As per the Rules of Business Allocation of the Government of Nepal, MoFA has been assigned with the responsibilities of issuing Passports to Nepalese citizens and Travel Documents to legally eligible persons. As the demand for passports began to soar rapidly along with the requirement to migrate to machine readable passports, a separate Department was deemed necessary to effectively deliver passport services to the public. This led to the establishment of Department of Passports as a separate organization under MOFA. Department of Passports is committed to providing transparent, efficient, responsive, prompt, predictable and secure service to its service-seekers.

Delivery of passport related services in a timely, predictable, trustworthy, transparent and accountable manner in accordance with public interest and prevailing laws; and issuance of passport and travel documents pursuant to the specifications and standards determined by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) from time to time.

Issue internationally recognized passport and travel documents pursuant to standards specified by ICAO making passport services more agile and effective.


  • To ease the passport issuance process through optimum use of Information Technology
  • To make passport issuance and distribution more systematic and predictable
  • To Ensure intact security, proper usage and quality of passports
  • To issue e-passports/biometric passports in the long run

Department of Passports has been assigned with the following responsibilities as per the Passport Rules (First and Second Amendment, 2067)

  • To issue the Machine Readable Passport, Electronic Passport, Biometric Passport and Emergency Passports pursuant to the standard specified by the Document 9303 of International Civil Aviation organization (ICAO),
  • To prepare and submit the appropriate passport specifications to the Government of Nepal for approval and to distribute the passport pursuant to approved specifications,
  • To distribute the passport following due process of examining the required documents.
  • To receive application for travel document and issue travel document,
  • To keep electronic record of issued passports and travel documents safely,
  • To receive and collect electronic applications for passport,
  • To perform other necessary activities related to the printing and management of the passport,
  • To perform other functions assigned by the Government of Nepal.
  • The office may delegate the authority of issuing of the general passport pursuant to these Rules to other agencies or Missions of the Government of Nepal.